In the Bedroom feat. Voyeur & sleepless

The Butterfly Club


Two intimate yet accessible shows, one an exploration of insomnia with a cast that switches roles, the other a journey into paranoia created by award winning comic director and writer Tim P. Driver.

Drawing inspiration from his own life and the styles of stunningly honest comedians like Louis C.K, Driver creates two works which aim to expose the inner workings of two very different relationships in this smart, slick and highly engaging double bill.

Voyeur is the taut, psychological story of a young couple -Evie and Alex- confronting the possibility that they might be being watched. Sleepless, on the other hand, is a comedy built on a foundation of interpersonal anxieties set over the course of one sleepless night.

Featuring highly regarded performers Shane Savage, Patrick Moonie, Rachael Alford and Mandel Bastian-McCabe, In The Bedroom, is Driver’s ambitious new production following his esteemed Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows and inventive work Sunday’s Roast.

In The Bedroom begins February 24th and runs until the 28th. Bookings are essential.

Tickets now on sale.


Madam Bast, by Matthew Sini

For Boutique Theatre

In March Tim will be working with Boutique Theatre on their new production Double Feature: Don't Tell The Women & Madam Bast when he directs Madam Bast.

More details soon.


 Photo courtesy of Jennifer Monk

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Monk

I Thought I Would Be Famous By Now

Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Highlander Bar

Queer essayist Tim Driver returns with another genre-defying, immensely intimate performance, charting his slow -and as yet unrealised- rise to stardom.

With wit, charm and plenty of awkwardness, Tim explores what it means to crave fame in a world utterly obsessed with it.

Featuring an account of his celebrated birth, and his extensive attempts to impress hardened student teachers, Tim dives deep into his personal life, joyfully highlighting his ongoing failures to achieve super stardom.

With a hint of Lena Dunham, David Rakoff and David Sedaris, Tim’s “I Thought I Would Be Famous By Now” will leave you wanting to marry him, mother him or take him home in your pocket.

“A hysterical, genre-defying delight” - Byron Bache

“****” - Herald Sun

“immensely intimate, charming and amusing” - Colin Flaherty

May and June


Acting for directors

Tim brings his innovative approach to directing actors to this essential workshop series, equipping emerging directors to fully understand the basic concepts of performing on stage and screen. At the behest of dozens of working actors, Tim will encourage and challenge directors across mediums to embrace the world of performing in all its rich, demanding and complex glory.

Places will be limited.

July and August



Online Web series

In a world filled with anthropomorphic animals, Harrison Karovsky, a depressed, impressionistic painter -who just happens to be a panda- talks through his woes with friends, family and colleagues. Peacock friends, lion frenemies and a human therapist, Depressionism presents an almost real world filled with very real issues.

September 15 - October 2


The Importance of an Ideal Husband with Boutique Theatre


For the Melbourne Fringe Festival Tim will be directing one part of Boutique Theatre's incredibly ambitious Oscar Wilde double production The Importance of an Ideal Husband, taking on The Importance of Being Ernest.

Tim will be using an all-male cast for this extraordinary piece of classic comedy writing, while director Samantha Cunningham tackles An Ideal Husband with an all-female cast.

More details soon.



Sunday's Roast

Play with Driving Monks Productions

Sunday’s Roast is the story of a family coming together for Christmas, testing old relationships and discovering new ones. As Felicity Campbell prepares her home from the incoming flood of her grown-up children and their partners, she discovers she is pregnant. With no time to process the information, let alone make a choice about her future, she must face her brood. 

Other Projects


When Elijah comes out to his conservative Christian parents and is sent to the conversion therapy camp -Camp Lazarus- he discovers much more than he was prepared for, namely, Lewis, the young, attractive Camp Counsellor.

Untitled Time-Travel Project

Kit Jacobs, a going-nowhere twenty-eight year old wakes up one morning to discover the last twelve years of his life have all been a dream. Now, he’s sixteen again, with the last two years of high school ahead of him and the chance to finally be able to become the man of his dreams.

The First Witch

It’s been 100 years since the last witch died and not one has been born since, that is until Georgia Parry. On her sixteenth birthday Georgia discovers her inner magical powers and along with best friend Angus Williamson, must find out how to control these wild new powers as the first witch in generations.


The harrowing world of dating in the Melbourne gay scene is explored with the unquestioned presence of a genderless alien.