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I have written and directed extensively in the arts, including for television, online video, and live performances. Through my work in this industry I have consistently proven my ability to deliver complex projects from conception, through to production, delivery and marketing.

a still from Drivng Monks Production’s Sunday’s Roast

a still from Drivng Monks Production’s Sunday’s Roast

My knowledge of the arts continues to inform my creative and engaging style of communications, and client engagement. I have developed a highly effective, collaborative and warm leadership style, exemplified by compassion and understanding, and a proactive commitment to getting the job done.

I specialise in:

Video Resource Production

Behind the scenes of SPIN, a television pilot

Behind the scenes of SPIN, a television pilot

I manage the production of a wide suite of video communication resources. I bring a highly collaborative work process, and am able to:

  • Manage the publications process

  • Direct and film video resources, including working with non- performers and members of the public appearing in front of the camera, to ensure production runs smoothly, and to maximise resource integrity and that videos are of the highest quality

  • Provide editing suggestions and experience and direction to ensure high-quality and message-consistency is maintained.

In addition, I bring my extensive experience managing theatre companies and productions, particularly in the areas of:

  • Organisational leadership

  • Team building

  • Team management

  • Marketing strategy

  • Marketing communications

  • Project and budget monitoring and management

  • Creative writing