niche personalised consulting

Executive Coaching


Not everyone feels comfortable in front of a crowd…

But it doesn’t have to be that way!


Over years of experience in film, television and theatre, and supported by my history with corporate executives, I have developed a comprehensive strategic approach to coaching and developing industry leaders in the delivery of speeches, presentations and pitches.

I draw on a wide skill-base including a deep understanding of performing physiology, and a thorough knowledge of the development and improvement of voice. I am able to guide employees and leaders to develop strong vocal presence, craft compelling narratives, and shed nervousness in front of a crowd.

Corporations are increasingly turning to video and other digital tools to communicate with customers, clients and stakeholders, however, not everyone understands the full suite of tools necessary for delivering a compelling message. Working with me, leaders and employees develop a ‘toolbox’ of techniques to decrease nerves, and improve physical and vocal clarity.

Anyone can be camera and stage ready!