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A radical rethink of plant-based cuisine

I am a customer experience designer, creative strategist and plant-based foods expert.

I work with cafés and restaurants to develop and improve their customer’s experience of plant-based cuisine, from hor d'oeuvres through to desserts. In collaboration with business owners and chefs, I help open up plant-based cuisine to more customers, and drive improved engagement for existing vegan and plant-based eaters.

There has never been a better time to dramatically improve your food business’ vegan and plant-based offerings. There has been a dramatic global and local rise in demand for vegan products, with Australia at the forefront of the movement. Millenials and young people are the strongest drivers of this demand, and as the largest future consumer generation, it makes more sense right now to prepare to meet that demand.

Find out more about the why of plant-based cuisine below.





Vegan and plant-based eating is growing faster and more consistently than almost any food movement in the world. Across every measure, this type of eating is expected to continue to grow, and with more consumers choosing to eschew animal products, it is imperative that food businesses prepare to embrace this enthusiastic group of potential customers.

The data behind this trend is astonishing:

  • Demand for vegan food products has spiked by 140% in 2017. [1]

  • Vegan as a Google analytics trend has quadrupled between 2012 and 2017. [2]

  • Australia is the third fastest-growing vegan market in the world [3]

  • “Not only has there been an increase in near or total vegetarianism across Australia, but almost 9.9 million Aussie adults agree that they’re ‘eating less red meat these days’.” - Roy Morgan Research industry communications director Norman Morris [4]

  • According to Euromonitor International the vegan food industry is worth over $136 million, and expected to be worth $215 million by 2020 [5][6]

  • Australia’s soy and almond milk industry alone is worth $158.3 million. [6]





Tim developed a deep understanding of the variety of ways plant-based eating can be implemented for a broad spectrum of consumers, as an active member of Melbourne’s vegan food scene. Now calling Sydney home, he is working with local cafés and restaurants to improve their offerings.

As a passionate and experienced vegan cook, Tim is described by his customers as a food-technologist with an interest in the molecular and complex underpinnings of all foods. Guided by this strong scientific background, Tim works cooperatively with food businesses to dramatically improve their plant-based offerings.

As a consultant, Tim is friendly, enthusiastic and highly collaborative, seeking food solutions that work within existing kitchen contexts.